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Rachael Smith catches up with Naomi Twigden of Lunch BXD and then tries one of their delicious little boxes. The extremely cool lunch-time delivery service brings fresh, organic, and professionally cooked food to your work place or home, at very competitive prices. 



If you could summarise Lunch BXD in three words what would you say

Fresh. Fun. Vibrant!



The lunch market seems saturated, what makes you different?

We’re different because we’re a company of professional chefs, who love creating dishes which make lunch interesting and moorish yet healthy too. We have a transparent ethos of doing our bit as a brand - using reputable suppliers, natural ingredients and fully recyclable packaging, delivery by bicycle and as of this week we’re excited to be showcasing our favourite healthy snack brands in our boxes too. That means you’re getting a freshly prepared lunch delivered to your desk but with extra little surprises inside too from flavoured teas to healthy chocolate samples - an adult take on your childhood lunch box (minus the milk cartoon at the moment…)



How did you guys meet? 

We met at Leiths Cookery School where we both trained as chefs after University and shared a love of creating fresh, natural dishes. We then headed in different directions, well countries, working abroad as chefs and then back in London before setting up Lunch BXD from home at the start of last year where we did all the deliveries ourselves by bicycle too - It was a crazy but very fun time. By 1PM we had achieved so much with our day!



What's it like setting up a business with a friend? 

As we met at cookery school, and have worked together on cookery jobs before, we both know how kitchens work and the balance between having a laugh and cracking on with getting the job done which is essential for Lunch BXD. We both love food, writing recipes and cooking so brainstorming ideas is the best bit - We both find it fun thinking of healthy lunch alternatives that are still satisfying and tasty too. We’ve also never disagreed about any big decisions or fell out over the past year which we are impressed with as it can be quite stressful running your own business. We actually find it hard not to talk about work now or message each other with thoughts and ideas at weekends, but we’re getting better at closing our laptops in the evenings.



 So sustainability seems important to you how do you integrate that ethos into your food and business? 

Yes it is. When we first came up with the idea of Lunch BXD we decided we would instigate practises into the business at early stages which we can build on as we grow. Using bicycles for deliveries may mean we can’t get lunch to you in 15 or 20 minutes but it does mean your lunch arrives in an environmentally friendly vehicle within 2 hours. Using recyclable packaging and choosing local, reputable suppliers was a natural option for us and it suits the natural style of our lunches too. You have to weigh up decisions as a start up like that and work out what is achievable and important to you.




What's your dream lunch? 

Mezze style food. Some of the office meeting platter deliveries of a selection of our salads that go out with rye bread and dips like hummus and tzatziki would have to be up there for me. I also have a big sweet tooth so the Ombar Chocolate Buttons we’re featuring are an ideal healthy pudding. 



And your dream lunch date? 

Raymond Blanc at the moment - I’ve been watching his Kew Garden series and I just love him. 



What do we absolutely have to try from your menu? 

The wasabi avocado mayonnaise is one of my favourite things in life. Delicious with griddled  broccoli or salmon.



What's next for LBL?

With two new professional chefs joining the Lunch BXD team and the business having just relaunched with some investment, we’re just focussing on the lunches right now, lots and lots of lunches. We’ve got a few plans in the pipeline but you might have to wait and see at the moment!



What we thought

I was in back-to-back meetings the day I ordered by Lunch BXD packed lunch to be delivered to my office and to my delight the small but perfectly formed box provided the ideal reprieve from a busy day. I chose the Chilli flaked tuna salad with garlic crushed butter beans, spinach and green beans which packed a punch on flavour and tasted as fresh and homemade as promised. The portion was perfect for me and the seeds and vegan chocolate buttons were a welcome addition to keep me going in the afternoon lull. The self-contained boxes are ideal for meetings, easy to eat, tasty options to choose from and individual portions of snacks mean there’s no fear of the sharing etiquette which plagues many awkward working-lunch meetings. Order early, the boxes sell out quickly and be smug in the knowledge that you’ve not only had an environmentally friendly lunch but you’ve also supported not just one but several start-up food brands. Good food that feels good too.

Written by Rachael Smith

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