Slow Roast BBQ Brisket Dry Rub




Recipe – Slow roast BBQ Brisket Dry Rub


BBQ Recipes | Serves 8-10 | Summer recipes | Takes approx. 10 hours and overnight


This delicious summer BBQ recipe is perfect for serving a big group of meat lovers.



Get your butcher to prepare a piece of flat brisket with a good cap of fat (approx. 3 to 4 Kg / 6 to 8 lbs) - you may have to order this in advance.

2 tablespoons hotdog mustard

2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce


For the Brisket Dry Rub:

1 Table spoon granulated salt

2 Table spoon brown sugar

2 Table spoon ground black pepper

1 Tea spoon ground cumin

2 Table spoon chilli powder

1 Tea spoon cayenne pepper

2 Table spoon chilli flakes

1 Tea spoon onion powder

1 Tea spoon garlic powder

2 Table spoon sweet paprika


For The 'Mop' Solution

1 Tea spoon salt

1 Table spoon brown sugar

1 Table spoon chilli flakes

1 Table spoon garlic powder

Half pint of beer (any beer – your choice!)

1 Table spoon black pepper

1 cup apple cider vinegar



Start by preparing your flat brisket the night before you want to cook it. Mix the mustard and Worcestershire sauce together and spread all over the meat – this will help the dry rub to stick. Just use as much as you need depending on the size of the cut of beef


Then prepare your dry rub. Mix together all of the dry rub ingredients in a bowl and rub all over the meat on both sides


Leave the meat to marinade overnight in the fridge or a cool place


When you’re ready to start cooking, place a water pan below the meat and add some oak wood soaked in water to the charcoal to create smoke and steam (you will need to add charcoal and water during the cooking too)


Place the brisket fat side up on the BBQ and let the temperature get to 110C - 120C (225F – 250F) but no higher


Begin cooking and after the first hour, mix your ‘mop’ ingredients and spread over the meat (then repeat approx. every 30 minutes, turning the meat every hour


Cook for 6-8 hours and then wrap the brisket in foil for another 1-2 hours at 65C (150F)


Leave to rest for 30mins and then carve your beautifully soft meat which should fall apart



Get your meet from these great butchers!


Written By Amy Seabrook

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