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05 October 2015

The Dolls House in Islington sits on Upper Street, one of London’s most prolific stretches of culinary road; and is the second of three sites from the eponymous party purveyour. This multi-faceted  eatery is equal parts a restaurant, bar, club, live music venue and member’s club. Evidentally there's a lot on offer here, but I went down to try one in particular - the Sunday Roast. 




Now there are many things that are best in its original form - Test Cricket, Sunday Roasts, Britney Spears, Jazz Music, and The Matrix. The Dolls House marries two of these things to deliver an afternoon and evening packed with fun and food (no points for guessing which two). Guests have a chance to tuck into a classic British Sunday Roast, with a relaxed atmosphere in the early afternoon and a progressively livelier vibe as the evening emerges and the Live Jazz takes over. You’ll have to search far and wide to find someone who doesn’t like Jazz Music and Sunday Roasts, and you'll have to search even further to find a place that does both well. All boxes ticked at The Dolls House. 




By now this should be quite obvious but it’s what The Doll’s House does with their Roast that is just marvellous! Absolutely nothing… and it’s a beautiful thing! When you have a Roast, you want thick cuts of meat (none of this wafer thin B.S that should only appear in Primary School Packed Lunches), you want delicious gravy – thick and incredibly flavoursome (none of this watered down crap that makes your potatoes soggier than otter’s pocket), you want freshly made Yorkshire Puds big enough to live in (none of those little buggers, stale enough to cause gum damage), you want fresh vegetables (the only time I willingly eat vegetables is on Sundays), and you want inappropriately large Bloody Marys (The Dolls House serve theirs by the pint)! All of this can be had at this great little spot plus more. There are a few starters – The Carpaccio of Venison is great at £7; a choice of other classic Sunday Roast options (Roast Chicken, Lamb and a Vegetarian option); and when you’re feeling too full to stand, there’s dessert (the chocolate & hazelnut truffle can’t be ignored).  There’s a full cocktail menu to pound through, as well as very reasonable wines (most of which are available by the glass).




You’re never asked to leave your table (usually restuarants do this to make space for later bookings) but can enjoy your time there for as long as you like; there’s options for private dining in one of their beautifully designed rooms; And because of the length of the main dining area, those not wanting to hear the live music can easily find musical sanctuary. Similarly, those there to enjoy music have their own little jazz club at the other end of the space and closer to the ‘tap’. The general vibe is a warm and vibrant one - the staff seem on good form (probably because the party doesn't seem to stop here); and as the night progresses, the candels are lit and the sound of Jazz fills the room - a super way to spend you Sunday. 




You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce how seriously I take Sunday Roasts. It’s the last great meal that should be untainted in its design – it’s the execution of this classic that generally separates the good from the great. The Dolls House firmly nails the execution with a few extras that strengthen the experience. Whether you’re having a chilled one, or you’ve taken Monday off and fancy something livelier, The Dolls House is the one. As I previously said, there’s just too much to this place to fit into one article, you’ll have to explore the various other offerings yourself but as far as their Sunday Roasts go – you’re on to an absolute winner! 








Venue page and more info here 

The Dolls House in London's best Sunday roasts

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