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28 July 2016

Everyone loves a wildcard.


No matter how sensible you are, there’s something wonderfully captivating about a totally reckless and random force of nature that leaves you confused to how it got in its position. As conservative as my daily food habits are, I still can’t resist a wildcard on a menu. It could be something you’ve not seen before, be an exotic animal from lands afar, or even a combination of dishes that would never have previously entered your thoughts. Bird’s latest treat, the fried chicken doughnut, is most certainly in the latter approach to food. We were thrown a curveball, and naturally we had to explore what was going on...

Much to the popularity of their free-range chicken menu, Bird have rapidly expanded from their initial restaurant to now boasting a hearty number of locations stretching across London.  Their menu is usually packed with some of the finest wings in London in an assortment of flavours, chicken & waffle combos as well as some of the finest homemade doughnuts you’re likely to encounter. Calorie counters are quite obviously not a priority customer.


When I first heard of the doughnut burger, my bizarre and random mind instantly though of a Frankenstein’s monster situation. It’s hard to not imagine the head chef laughing wildly to himself as he manically layers fried chicken on a doughnut against the advice of his bewildered kitchen. And at the point when the last sprinkle of cheese is topped with the doughnut, he turns with madness in his eyes , bellowing “it’s alive!!!” to his fearful assistant. I’m almost certain this was how it was created.



Regardless of the actual process, which I presume was more aware of health and safety conscious than Frankenstein ever was, this wonderfully decadent dish is a triumph. The sweet, glazed doughnut bun almost seems to melt away instead of tediously crumbling in your fingers. What you're left with is Bird’s now legendry fried chicken, topped with bacon of course. Dribbling yet? You should be. Because Bird don’t just source any old chicken. Only free range chicken are used here, meaning juicer and fleshier meat.


This strict criteria for chicken counts for its wings too. No gristly wings will be found anywhere on Bird’s premises, these wings are of the highest quality possible meaning 12 wings will have far more flesh on than your ordinary bucket of wings. The homemade sauces include Nashville hot for those spiceheads, Korean Gochujang glaze for those with exotic tastebuds as well as some of the best buffalo sauce I’ve had the pleasure of sampling. More often than not, diners will flock to Bird (see what I did there?) to dine on their wings alone. And it’s not hard to understand why. Every wing, from first to last, is a masterpiece.



There are many excellent chicken restaurants in London. But Bird have started to show they are not afraid to innovate and keep its diners excited. And it is this mentality that I applaud and one that I believe will make sure that Bird will continue to be a growing success for years to come. Long may the wildcard reign... "



42-44 Kingsland Road, E2 8DA

0207 613 5168



81 Holloway Rd, Islington N7 8LT

0203 195 8788

Written by Edd Scicluna

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