Tim Talbot and Andy Taylor, Creators of 'Le Bun'


The brains behind uber-cool burger pop-up 'Le Bun', Tim Talbot and Andy Taylor answer our questions. 


1.        What inspired you to start 'Le Bun' - when was your 'Eureka' moment? 

TT - I was at Street Feast’s Hawker House when I text Andy saying “If you could do any street food, what would you do?” He replied with this French American idea or Thai. Clearly, history reveals that I responded by telling him to sack off the Thai food.

AT - I've had a passion for French food for many years.  Also, being inspired by the burger explosion in London, the idea came to me to take classic french flavours and techniques and apply them to the American food everyone seemed so excited about.


2.        What was your very first job? 

TT - When I was 13, I was a holiday sports camp helper. I saved up all my money to get a pay as you go Nokia 3310.

AT - I quit school to be in a band when I was 15. Safe to say the band didn't take off as quickly as I hoped , so I got a job as a waiter in a restaurant owned by 2 Michelin star chef Michael Caines, it was there I developed my love for French food.


3.        If you could only cook with 3 ingredients for the rest of your life which would they be? 

TT - I know what Andy’s gonna say, so I’m gonna go with… Lime Leaves, Palm Sugar and Fish Sauce. Maybe we should have gone with that Thai idea after all?

AT - Butter, red wine and any cut of beef.


4.        What's your favourite cuisine and what drink would you have with it?

TT - Thai food. I had a Kua Gling at 101 Thai Kitchen and I needed about 15 sweetened Thai teas to calm me down. If i’m with mates, a Chang beer tower is the only accompaniment.

AT -  Steak Frites with a banging glass of red wine, every time. 


5.        Which ingredients do you have a love/hate relationship with and why? 

TT - Butter. Every French dish has it in it. It makes me put on so much weight.

AT - Truffle. I love it because it strangely can bring life to almost any dish I am devolving. I hate it because I have to stop myself from over using it. 


6.        Which Chef inspires you the most?

TT - I’m inspired by Yanni Papoutsis’s story (MeatLiquor). He started in a battered old van and created an empire. Andy and I were lucky enough to cook for him and Scott (his ML business partner) during our time filming the Sky 1 show “The Ones To Watch”.

AT - It has to be my old boss, Michael Caines. It's those luxurious food memories I have from years ago that I try to apply to our street food.

7.        What would be your last supper and who would cook it? 

TT - It would be an oriental feast of Thai, Japanese and Chinese. I’d make Andy do it. Just to piss him off one last time before I died.

AT -  I guess id be busy doing that 


8.        If you had not been a chef, what would you have done? 

TT - Trust me. I’m not a chef! I used to be a Tour Manager for bands and DJs, travelling the world, staying sober at warehouse raves.

AT - I've been doing music for the past 15 years in various forms. Bands, DJing, producing. Cooking was just a hobby that took off in spectacular fashion.


9.        Tell us a secret ?

TT - I used to go out with a girl band member who had a one hit wonder.

AT - Tim and I used to wear 80s head bands back when we made music together.


10.    What’s your favourite kitchen utensil? 

TT - My really 80s style food mill. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

AT - Our sous vide system. Changes the game.


11.     What music/track do you like to listen to while cooking?

TT - Jungle. The band. Only wearing an apron.

AT - Heavy metal, whilst head banging


12.    Favourite junk food/ guilty pleasure? 

TT - Really terrible Chinese food. It’s my favourite.

AT -  Salt & pepper chicken from Camden market


13.    What irritates you most about the industry? 

TT - We’ve been in it for so little time, I barely even realise we are part of it!

AT - Not too much so far, we've been living the street food dream!


14. Tell us about the most difficult customer you have ever dealt with?

TT - Some rager at Street Feast in Dalston Yard, complaining that he had to wait in a queue. His girlfriend was apologising for him profusely. Claimed he wrote for Time Out, but if he did, we haven’t been on the receiving end. Yet.

AT - I loved that guy!


15.    Who would be in your fantasy kitchen team?

TT - I’m sorry. You said Fantasy Team. All I can think about now is… Head Chef - Gareth Bale, Sous Chef - Gareth Bale, Maitre'D - Gareth Bale, Bar Staff - Gareth Bale

AT - Nuno Mendez, Jason Atherton, Michael Caines to name a few!


16.    What dish would win over your heart?

TT - I’d love a girl to cook for me one day. You can always dream.

AT - Vanilla Macarons, one of the best things to eat on the planet.


Get your 'Le Bun' on 

LE BUN SOCIAL // Mon - Fri 5pm to 10pm / Sat - Sun 12pm - 10pm // The Three Compasses. E8 1NH
LE BRUNCH // Sat & Sun 11am to 4pm // Old Bengal Bar. EC2M 4TR

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