So, tell us how SE Cakery all began.

We both enjoyed baking and had started doing so for a local cafe. I then became the in house baker for Anderson & Co, Peckham. We had also started doing stalls occasionally at local events and were spending pretty much all our free time at street food markets. So, where Alex has a son & was keen to move away from the schedule of djing (his job then), and with a mutual ambition to work for ourselves, I left Anderson's and we focused on building up a client base to supply. The more we've established our wholesale business, the more we've been able to indulge our love of a market atmosphere, interact with our customers directly and most of all see people enjoying what we work so hard at. 


If you could only use three words to describe SE Cakery, which would you use?

Eating, Wearing, Listening.  


Brownies (and baking) are pretty popular at the moment, what makes you guys different?

Us. No one ever has us down as bakers. This always begs the question, 'well what exactly does a baker look like', but we've kind of embraced that over time. I guess there are certain traditional cliches and characteristics that add up to ones idea of a bakery and its bakers, and we perhaps are not that.


You’ve both come up with some brilliant combinations (the Cocknie and the Bronut, for example!), how did they come about?

We're pretty selfish with recipe ideas - we like to combine our favourite things. That's true of our whole business really; we combined working for ourselves with baking. If they make simple sense - i.e. why weren't we doing that already - then we do it. For us, both Mojitos and Brownies, at the their best, cannot be beaten. The Cocknie was born. And so on!


You run baking classes - who would you invite into your fantasy kitchen?

Action Bronson, Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen, Patrick Stewart, Dennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, JME & Sarah Silverman. & Coolio.


Heading outside of the SE Cakery kitchen, what’s your favourite thing to cook?

Stuffed Aubergines, Scallops and Poached Eggs (not in the same meal).


And where’s your favourite place to eat?

Pedler in Peckham.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Some people have a sweet tooth. We have sweet teeth. We started baking to create the best versions of the things we loved - and then eat them! Having tried Brownies all over the world, we were inspired and spurred on by great brownie experiences; but equally the disappointing ones. So we just worked and worked (and worked) at perfecting them. You've got to be crazy about what is it you're doing and get a buzz out of getting others as crazy about it as you are. And if you don't get high off your own supply, your supply is most probably not that great. 


And what’s next for SE Cakery?

We're going to spend the next year or so growing and bettering what we already do. Our classes aka our SE Bake Sessions and our online shop are both newer ventures for us and we plan to spread the word. We have our eyes on 2017/18 for a move in to a cafe premises with a Cocknie Bar twist...


Finally, tell TryThisFor a secret...

One of us used to be an Irish Dancing Champion. One of us used to get the bus to school with Adele.

Written by Rebecca Dobson

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