There are 2 types of people I don’t trust in this world of ours: anyone who hasn't seen the movie Cool Runnings, and anyone who doesn't like chicken wings. How can anyone in their right mind resist devouring bucket upon bucket of tangy, buffalo sauce slathered crispy chicken wings is incomprehensible to me.  However not all wings have to be doused in buffalo sauce, as you’ll find out from this list that excellent wings come in all varieties. There’s space today for asian, jerk, gastronomic and of course BBQ sauce in todays wing-dustry.  Its a pretty strong bet that, with the Wingadores I’ve probably eaten enough wings to fill Wembley Stadium, so I hope you enjoy my extensive research of the best pop-ups and restaurants serving sheer poultry heaven.





THE ORANGE BUFFALO, Old Truman Brewery


You just can’t call yourself a true wing lover if you haven’t experienced Orange Buffalo’s wings. Don’t let the fact that they’re served out of a truck fool you. The team at the Orange Buffalo serve authentic New York style wings, in either their signature Woof-Woof, Van Gogh sauce or original buffalo with the best blue cheese you’re likely to find in London. Thrill seekers are encourage to try their snake in a basket dish, with 7 of their classic wings with one Viper wing lurking amongst them. Be warned!


TryThisFor... London Pop-Ups | American Cuisine | BBQ Cuisine | London's Best Chicken Wings | Gourmet Chicken | Great For Groups | Mate Date | Cheap as Chips (£15>)


View Website | The Old Truman Brewery, Ely's Yard, E1 6QL |








Sister restaurant to the already well-publicised Meat Liquor and Meat Market, Meat Mission is based in a former Christian mission (surprise surprise) with stained glass windows and the like.  Here you can tuck into the sublime “bingo” wings soaked in their house-made tangy sauce. If you’re feeling particularly lazy, their Monkey Fingers are boneless versions that pack a punch just as powerful as their boney brethren.


TryThisFor... BBQ Style | Meat EateryBest Restaurant Bars | Best For Burgers | American Cuisine | Hoxton Restaurants | Weekend Brunch | Boozy Brunch | Fun & Food | Dinner & Dancing | Great Value (£15 - £30)


Venue Page Here | 15 Hoxton Market, N1 6HG | 020 7739 8212






STICKY WINGS, Brick lane


No list on wings would be complete without mentioning Sticky Wings. Brace yourself for some of the best buffalo wings you’re going to find in London. Their friendly service combined with succulent and crispy wings ensures you’ll be coming back to Sticky Wings time and time again. For those of you feeling brave, try their viper wing challenge (not for the faint-hearted…just ask Lateef).


TryThisFor... Best Wings in London | BBQ Cuisine | Gourmet Chicken | American Cuisine | Great For Groups | Mate Date | Post-Work Dinner | Meat Eatery | Lunch & Dinner | Weekend Brunch | Great Value (£15 - £30)


View Website | 40 Brick Lane, E1 6RF | 020 7375 0100






BIRD, Shoreditch


It’s all about serving quality free-range chicken here at Bird, with an emphasis on ensuring their wings have the vital crunch that all great wings must have but with soft and tender flesh too. Whilst their homemade buffalo sauce wings will certainly satisfy your appetite, and rightly so, be sure to try their hot and sweet Gochujang sauce too. Head down on Wednesday’s to take advantage of their beer and wings deal.


TryThisFor... Best Wings in London | BBQ Cuisine | Gourmet Chicken | American Cuisine | Great For Groups | Mate Date | Post-Work Dinner | Meat Eatery | Breakfast | Lunch & Dinner | Weekend Brunch | Great Value (£15 - £30)


Venue Page | 42-44 Kingsland Road, E2 8DA | 0207 613 5168








For those that have been to Joe’s in Covent Garden, the opening of a second site was momentous news. Though there are many elements from the original Central London site, this branch has some signature touches such as the Sweet Tea Brined Fried Chicken (anyone who takes gourmet chicken seriously is a natural winner with us) as well as a few other surprises. Just like it’s older sister, there is an exciting and vibrant cocktail bar, Jailbird, where you can take on some cocktails, bourbon and good times. 


TryThisFor... BBQ Cuisine | American Cuisine | Meat Eatery | Burgers | Chicken Wings | Ribs | Pulled Pork | Cocktails | Mate Date | Great For Groups | Best For Birthdays | Breakfast | Lunch & Dinner | Late Night Restaurants | Weekend Brunch | Great Value (£30 - £40)


Venue Page | 300 Kentish Town Road, NW5 2TG | 020 7485 7331






Chicken wings and rock’n’roll music, what’s not to love? Whilst sat amongst electric guitars, motorcycles and music memorabilia, tuck into a more traditional choice of wings as Sticky Fingers serve up large and regular sized portions of sticky BBQ or buffalo sauce wing glory. Simply wonderful.


TryThisFor... BBQ Cuisine | American Cuisine | Meat Eatery | Restaurant Bar | Cocktail Bar | Ribs | Fried Chicken | Pulled Pork | Mate Date | Great For Groups | Dinner | Sunday Brunch | Late Night Restaurants | Reasonably Priced (£30 - £40)


Venue Page | 1a Phillimore Gardens, Kensington W8 7QB | 020 7938 5338






BBQ LAB, Various Locations


Being crowned the winner of best Buffalo wing at Wing Fest 2015 is no easy feat. BBQ Lab is a result of an obsession of blending american cuisines and science. Sous-vides and nitrogen-oxide techniques form part of the cooking process before deep-frying their chicken to create first rate wings. Catch these guys at Street Feast @ Dinerama to find out what all the fuss is about!


TryThisFor... London Pop-Ups | American Cuisine | BBQ Cuisine | London's Best BBQ | London's Best Wing | Ribs | Pulled Pork | Great For Groups | Mate Date | Cheap as Chips (£15>)


View Website For Whereabouts






BODEANS, Various Locations 


Bodeans are dedicated to delivering authentic Kansas City BBQ flavours to the U.K. Be it with their slow-smoked BBQ ribs and pulled pork, secret rubs or their chipotle and hickory sauces, Bodeans never fails to hit the spot. What’s not too mentioned are their wings. In particular, their Diablo wings are unbearably moreish, but for those a little more spice-shy, why not try their renowned bourbon wings?


TryThisFor... BBQ Cuisine | American Cuisine | Meat Eatery | Restaurant Bar | Cocktail Bar | Ribs | Pulled Pork | Mate Date | Great For Groups | Dinner | Sunday Brunch | Late Night Restaurants | Great Value (£15 - £30)


Bodeans Fulham Venue Page | 4 Broadway Chambers, Fulham SW6 1EP | 020 7610 0440






WHITE MEN CAN'T JERK, Various Locations


Absolute liars, these boys dam sure can! One of the newer members of the wing circuit, the team at WMCJ have created their wings flavourings with the influences of Caribbean culture. This fusion is a massive thumbs up, be it red stripe coated or their “too hawt to handle” wings, go and soak up the party atmosphere that comes with all their food.


TryThisFor... London Pop-Ups | Gourmet Chicken | Burgers | Jerk Chicken | London's Best Chicken Wings | Meat Eatery | Mate Date | Great For Groups | Post-Work Dinner | Cheap as Chips (£15>)


View Website For Locations







RED DOG SALOON- Hoxton Square


Red Dog Saloon is quickly becoming a renowned southern US barbecue restaurant serving up big flavours and big helpings. Classic BBQ wings, spicy mustard and Buffalo wings, served in portions of 4,8 or 12 are available. And although the crowds will flock down to take on the infamous “Devastator meal” (has to be seen to be believed…) their Hot Wing challenge is definitely worth a try. Be warned, the success rate stands at a worrying 5%…


TryThisFor... American Cuisine | BBQ Cuisine | Wings | Ribs | Burgers | Food Challenges | Meat Eatery | Clapham Restaurants | Mate Date | Great For Groups | Restaurant Bar | Weekend Brunch | Lunch & Dinner | Great Value (£15 - £30)


Venue Page | 37 Hoxton Square, N1 | 02035518014






RANDY'S WINGS BAR, Various Locations 


Randy’s Wing Bar is run by very a team of passionate chefs have spent a very long time researching what goes into a perfect wing (including trips to Buffalo, NY). And the hard work certainly pays off. With chicken farming having run in the family, it comes as no surprise how absolutely superb their wings are. You can taste that there’s a lot of love and effort put into these wings!


TryThisFor... London Pop-Ups | Gourmet Chicken | Burgers | Jerk Chicken | London's Best Chicken Wings | Meat Eatery | Mate Date | Great For Groups | Post-Work Dinner | Cheap as Chips (£15>)


View Website For Whereabouts






DUKE'S BREW & QUE, Haggerston


Wings in Bastardo sauce. If that hasn’t swayed you to head down to Duke Brew n Cue, maybe the fact that they’re also the tap house for Beavertown Brewery will. Wings come either hot, hotter and for spice junkies, try the nuclear wings. Be warned, as they’re laced with naga viper and pack quite the punch (again…ask Lateef…).


TryThisFor... Best For Burgers | London's Best Wings | American Cuisine | BBQ Style | Meat Eatery | Mate Date | Gastro Pub | Haggerston Restaurants | Weekend Brunch | Great Value (£15 - £30)


Venue Page | 33 Downham Road, Haggerston N1 5AA | 020 3006 0795






THE BULL, Highgate


A gastropub in Highgate is probably the last place you’d expect to find chicken wings on a menu, let alone decent ones. But be prepared for a pleasant surprise. Owned by the London Brewing Co, The Bull have actually installed small microbrewery in the pub to keep patrons more than happy. The Wing Wednesday offer is what grabs our attention, with half a kilo of delicious buffalo wings at only £5. After trying their wings, you’ll struggle to figure out a better way to spend a fiver.


TryThisFor... BBQ Cuisine | American Cuisine | London's Best Wings | Meat Eatery | Mate Date | Great For Groups | Alfresco Dining | Lunch & Dinner | Weekend Brunch | Sunday Roast | Reasonably Priced (£30 - £40)


View Website | 3 North Hill, N6 4AB | 02 08341 0510






THE JOINT, Brixton and Marylebone


What started in 2012 as a pop-up, The Joint now serves its BBQ and hot wings at Brixton market and its Marylebone branch. The Joint serve without doubt some of the fleshiest and juicy wings we’ve come across. Whilst you're down there, we recommend trying the pulled pork, beef brisket and some of the most delicious BBQ ribs you’re likely to find in the UK.


TryThisFor... London's Best Burgers |  American Cuisine | BBQ Cuisine | Global Cuisine | Meat Eatery | Burgers | Pulled Pork | Ribs | Mate Date | Girls Bite Out | Post-Work Dinner | Great Value (£15 - £30)


The Joint Marylebone Venue Page | 19 New Cavendish St, Marylebone W1G 9TZ | 020 7486 3059






THE BIG EASY, Kings Road & Covent Garden


It’s all about big, punchy New-Orleans flavours at Big Easy, and their Voodoo Wings continue with that theme. A long-time kings road establishment, the Big Easy team have opened 2 more chains in Covent Garden and Canary Wharf to ensure you're never too far away from getting your wing fix. If only I could have an IV drip feeding me their voodoo sauce…


TryThisFor... BBQ Cuisine | American Cuisine | Meat Eatery | Seafood Cuisine | Ribs | Burgers | Wings | Date Night | Great For Groups | Live Music | Post-Work Dinner | Mate Date | Lunch & Dinner | Weekend Brunch | Restaurant Bar | Reasonably Priced (£30 - £40)


The Big Easy, Chelsea Venue Page | 334 Kings Road, Chelsea, SW3 5UR | 020 7352 4071






FLESH & BUNS, Covent Garden


Not all wings have to be doused in buffalo sauce. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try some KFC? No, not that KFC. Instead the team behind Bone Daddies offers you the chance to sample authentic Korean Fried Chicken at Flesh n buns. Tossed in spicy sour sauce and sesame, these wings are a big thumbs up in an already delicious menu.


TryThisFor... Japanese Cuisine | London's Best Wings | Sushi | Asian Cuisine | Sharing Food | Dim Sum | Covent Garden Restaurants | Theatre Dining | Date Night | Lunch & Dinner | Restaurant Bar | Weekend Brunch | Reasonably Priced (£30 - £40)


Venue Page | Flesh & Buns, 41 Earlham St, London WC2H 9LX | 020 7632 9500






MOTHER CLUCKER, The Truman Brewery


Although not strictly wings, its my article and my rules. What are you going to do about it. Served out of a converted US Army truck, Mother Clucker’s twice battered southern fried chicken strips quickly built up a strong reputation as some of the best chicken in London. Head down to Ely’s Yard Car Park to see what all the fuss is about.


TryThisFor... London Pop-Ups | Gourmet Chicken | Burgers | Jerk Chicken | London's Best Chicken Wings | Meat Eatery | Mate Date | Great For Groups | Post-Work Dinner | Cheap as Chips (£15>)


View Website | The Cluck Truck (Ely's Yard, Truman Brewary E1 6QR)





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